Annoyed by Spam Email on Gmail, learn this easy way

Nowadays the cases of online fraud are increasing rapidly. Hackers have become very active on Gmail along with other online platforms, as more than 150 million users worldwide use Gmail. Hackers are stealing data on Gmail through phishing websites and spam, and are committing fraud. If you also use Gmail, then this report is for you. In this report, we are going to give you some such Gmail tips, with the help of which you will not only be able to stop Spam Email easily but will also be saved from online fraud. Let’s know…

You can also use Gmail filters to find and remove spam emails. For this, you have to go to the search box of Gmail and type unsubscribe. After this, Gmail will show a complete list of all unsubscribed and spam mails on your screen. You have to select all these emails and click on three dots (More) and select Filter message like these option. In this, you get many options, including the option to automatically delete spam emails. Keep in mind that you must check this list once, so that your important and important emails are not deleted.

use two email ids

The easiest way to avoid online fraud is to use two different email IDs, which can be a primary and a secondary email ID. That is, when you visit online shopping, ticket booking or any other website, you can use the secondary email ID. The primary email can be used for smartphone, bank and official work. With this, you will be able to protect the primary email from online spam to a great extent and will also be safe from fraud.

unsubscribe email

You can also unsubscribe from frequent and unnecessary website emails, so that you will not receive emails from these accounts in the future. To unsubscribe email, you have to select spam email and then click on Report spam and unsubscribe option on the side of delete. After this you will stop receiving emails from that email id.

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