BGMI Ban in India

Following the ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), users are no longer able to purchase in-game cash to upgrade to Royale Pass on the app. Explain that BGMI was banned by the Government of India in July, raising concerns over data security and privacy. Officials believe that the India version of PUBG Mobile sends essential data of its users to servers outside the country. However, Crafton claims that BGMI’s servers are located only in India and Singapore.

Old players still have access to the game

Players who already have access to the game are able to play it. However, they are unable to update the game. Along with this, they are also facing difficulties in buying in-game currency (UC) to upgrade the Royal Pass.

Users trying to purchase UC are shown an error message that says ‘purchase failed, item not found. Please try later’. Let us tell you that Crafton is trying to connect with the Indian authorities. Let us know that the company has not given any official statement on updates on Royal Pass or restrictions. Till now it is not even known how long this ban will remain in place.

BGMI Royal Pass Purchase Block

The new cosmetic gifts from BGMI Royal Pass include Gilded Flower Backpack, Nightfare Outfit, Royal Aurum Set, Gold Feather MK47, Oasis Idol Cover, Street Dance Emote and more. Players can get all these in-game gifts while playing and completing missions. Now that gamers won’t be able to buy UC, it looks like Crafton has ended the Royale Pass in India.

Not only this, players who already have the required UC for the Royal Pass are also prohibited from buying it as it would be unfair to those who did not accumulate enough UC before the BGMI ban.

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