Big cyber attack on Signal, know what hackers hacked

After the hacking of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal made big claims. Now Signal’s claims seem to be failing. The news of cyber attack has come to the fore on Signal. In this attack, the phone numbers of about 1,900 users are being claimed to be leaked. Actually this cyber attack has been done on Twilio Inc which is the verification service provider of Signal.

The code used for verification reached the hackers

According to the report, all the codes that are used for verification have also gone to the hacker, although Signal has claimed in one of its blogs that the hacker does not have access to the message history, profile information and contact list. Pie is. Let us tell you, in this attack, the data of 1,900 users has been lost in the hands of the hacker.

Signal has given a statement on this hacking that the hacker can login to someone’s account through the code from any other device. Earlier this month, after receiving information about the hacking, Twilio had told that it is helping Signal in the hacking investigation. Twilio Inc’s partners include the names of 2,56,000 business companies such as Ford Motor, Mercado Libre and HSBC.

Big cyber attack happened in China too

Recently, there was a big cyber attack in China in which data of 48.5 million corona patients was leaked. The hacker involved in this hacking’s username was XJP and he has sold the hacked data on the hacker forum for $ 4,000 (about Rs 3,20,000).

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