Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb

Electricity bill has started giving more tension. Due to the consumption of more electricity, the bill also comes more. To avoid that, most people use LED bulbs. They not only give more light, but also consume less electricity. Led Bulbs are available anywhere. Their price is also very less. We get white light from LED. But today we are going to tell you about such LED bulbs, which are quite stylish and can do many things.

RSCT Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb Price

We are talking about the Bluetooth bulb. Along with giving light, it also gives music. This bulb is different from the normal bulb. You can buy RSCT Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb from Flipkart for less than Rs.300. It can be controlled remotely. The remote is also available with the bulb. Which changes the way you drive.

RSCT Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb Specifications

RSCT Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb comes in multicolor. In this the color changes automatically. Bluetooth speaker will also be available with it. That is, you can enjoy music by connecting to the mobile. The bulb has speakers, with the help of which music can be enjoyed.

RSCT Bluetooth Speaker Music Bulb can also be purchased offline. The company may be different, but they do exactly the same thing.

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