Cheapest 65-inch Smart TV with 4K Display and Sound

LeTV recently came under scrutiny after complaints were filed on the quality of Panda OEM TVs. A wide range of issues were raised concerning the Panda OEM lineup of low-quality TVs in many aspects; however, the company expects the new F65 Pro to keep the spotlight on the brand with its 65-inch display and outstanding features. The price of TV is very less. But it is great in terms of features. Let’s know the price and features of LeTV Super TV F65 Pro …

LeTV Super TV F65 Pro Specifications

The new Super TV features a 4K HDR screen with 95% color gamut coverage. It has MEMC Motion Compensation and M-Genuine Image Quality Engine, both of which output excellent picture quality. The TV has an EUI 8.0 system and supports voice control with wake-up within a range of 5 meters.

LeTV Super TV F65 Pro Features

The F65 Pro Smart TV has two HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, RF and AV ports for various connectivity options. You can also connect the TV to the set-top box and support both wired and wireless networks.

LeTV Super TV F65 Pro Price In India

The LeTV F65 Pro is available in China through and LeTV Mall. The price of the TV will be 2199 Yuan (Rs 25,945). There are no details yet on the global availability of the new 65-inch smart TV. It remains to be seen how complaints about the Panda OEM will affect the reception of the new TV in China.

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