Secret Trick to Use Free Internet

Free Internet without Mobile Data: Sometimes you are out of the house and your data pack is exhausted, then you have to ask for a hotspot from someone, or sometimes you have to topup. In this article, we are going to tell you the solution of such a situation. Actually now you can enjoy free internet without any hassle.

Use Free Internet from Facebook

Facebook has a Wi-Fi Founder Network, using which you can use free internet. In fact, according to Facebook, local businesses have Wi-Fi hotspots, which are mostly free. These Wi-Fi hotspots can be trusted, as Facebook also verifies them. You must be thinking that how are you unaware of this feature of this Facebook, in fact this feature remains hidden in Facebook, which is also called Secret Tool of Facebook. Both Android and iOS users can use this tool.

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Now it comes to how to find Wi-Fi Hotspots in Facebook. For this, first you have to login to the Facebook app and click on the three line coming in the side. After this, you have to go to the Settings & Privacy option, where you will get the option of Find Wi-Fi.

By clicking on it, it will give you information about available public Wi-Fi hotspots nearby as well as map and location. Along with this, if you want to know the details of Wi-Fi Hotspot, then for that you click on See More which will give you information about name, speed and coverage etc. Keep in mind that not all WiFi is free, there are some pads for which you have to pay internet charges.

Some companies also give free data

For your information, let us tell you that if you recharge your mobile from the official app of Airtel Telecom company, then Airtel provides 2 coupons with 1 GB data on recharge above Rs 359. And if you recharge above Rs 479, then Airtel gives 4 coupons of 1 GB to its customer. Also, let us tell you that Jio and Vodafone also have such offers available. Similarly, many telecom companies give free data to their customers.

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