Google Hangouts users will get Google Chat service

Google Hangouts was discontinued by Google some time back. Now for the users, the company has brought in its place the option of another messaging service app Google Chat. The company removed the Google Hangouts app from both the Google Play Store and App Store in early 2022. Now Google has announced that Hangouts on the web will be upgraded to Google Chat. This will completely replace Google Hangouts. It is worth noting that Google started its messaging service in the form of Google+ in 2013.

Google Chat will replace Google Hangouts

According to media reports, Google has announced to upgrade Hangouts on the web to Chat. The company has told users that if they want to save Hangouts Conversation with them, then they will have to use Google Takeout for this. The company has also fixed a time limit for all this. Google has said that before January 1, 2023, users can download and save their data, but after the deadline, the data of all Hangouts users will be deleted.

Google Hangouts will now turn into Google Chat

It should also be mentioned here that the conversation on the Hangouts platform on the web will be available in the Hangouts app only till November 1, 2022. If you delete a conversation from Google Hangouts, that content will be deleted in the Google Chat app as well. Because of this, do not delete the important conversation you want to keep. Users who do not even want to go to the Google Chat app can stop using Hangouts whenever they want.

New features will be available on Google Chat

Users who have shifted from Hangouts will get features like Gif and Spaces on Google Chat.

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