Instagram is testing the Candid Challenges feature, rolling out soon

The photo video sharing platform Instagram has recently released the ‘Dual Camera’ option. This option enables users to simultaneously record and capture videos and photos from both front and rear cameras. Latest reports have revealed that Meta’s social media site will soon introduce another feature called ‘Candidate Challenge’.

What is Instagram Candidate Challenge Feature?

Instagram’s “Candidate Challenge” feature will allow users to share their candid images on the photo-sharing platform. Users who follow the Candidate Challenge will get a notification from the app at a specified time every day. In this, they will be told to capture and upload their candid photo or video.

In this feature, you have to record or capture yourself in a window of two minutes. Users will be able to capture themselves with both front and rear cameras. Also, they will be able to share whatever work they are doing at that time. Explain that the snapped image or video will appear in the story tray of the app. However this feature is currently an internal prototype.

This feature is inspired by BeReal

The new feature seems to be similar to ‘BeReal’, a French social media app released in 2020. The app also asks users to take clear pictures of themselves at a set time every day. The app asks users to upload their selfies within 2 minutes of being prompted.

Tech researcher Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted about the new feature and said that Instagram is working on the IG Candidate Challenge, a feature inspired by the BeReal app. This will allow you to add another IG candidate to your story tray. And every day at different times you will be able to get notification of taking and sharing photos in 2 minutes.

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