Lost your smartphone? Do the trek like this, know the simplest

How to Track Lost Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone

Smartphone is one such gadget which is used by almost everyone and hence our dependence on our phones has increased a lot. Our bank details, all passwords, contacts and many personal documents and photos, everything is in our smartphone and in such a situation, the loss of the smartphone can prove to be very harmful. Phones nowadays have started coming with many such features from which if the phone is lost then it can be easily found but sometimes those features are not useful. Today we are going to tell you a very easy way, under which you can track a smartphone by following a few steps, whether it is an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

This is the easiest way to track Smatrphone

If you are thinking that which method we are going to tell you by which you will be able to track your smartphone instantly, then let us tell that here we are talking about CEIR portal. The full form of CEIR is Central Equipment Identity Register. This is a government portal that has been setup by the Department of Telecommunications and the phone can be easily tracked from this. Through this website, you can register complaints, track the phone and you can block access to the phone even after the SIM is changed.

just follow these steps

If your smartphone is lost and you want to track it, then first of all go to the website of CEIR and click on ‘Block’ option given here. After selecting this option, a page will open in front of you which asks for your mobile number, IMEI number, model of smartphone and other such important information.

Let us tell you that to track the phone from this website, you must have the police complaint number of the phone, which will be available on filing the FIR. In this way, you can track your phone by entering the details and also control the usage of the phone by blocking access.

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