Now more authentic content will be available in Google Search, low-quality content will be removed

Google is rolling out a new update to remove low-quality and unoriginal content from its search engine. The company will start giving this new update to the user from August 22. After this update, low-quality and unoriginal content will not rank from Google Search. This will make it easier for users to find content.

What does Google search executive Danny Sullivan say?

Google Search executive Danny Sullivan said Google knows that people don’t find content useful that’s designed to attract clicks rather than inform people. Due to this, the content needed by the people is not visible in the search results. Apart from this, Google is also going to make many more changes in its search tool, so that users can easily find content according to their need.

What does Google say on the new update?

Google said in its blog post that the new update will help ensure that low-quality and unoriginal content will not rank in Google search. Especially this update has been brought for online education material, entertainment, shopping and tech related content.

According to Google, with such an update, it will be able to reduce the low quality content from its platform on a large scale. It is also part of an ongoing effort to make it easier for users to find content they find useful.

For example, if you search on Google about a new movie, then after the new update you will see different and authentic information with more results. So now you are more likely to read that content because you may not have read it before.

Google makes its search engine better by bringing updates from time to time. With the new update, all users will be able to find good content.

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