The memory card used in DSLR has a special button

DSLR Caera Memory Card

You must have seen two types of memory cards in the market, where one is used in a smartphone, while the other card is used in DSLR. One card is very small in size while the other card is big in size. Although there is a big difference in the design of both, about which we are going to tell you in this news today so that you can also know about it. Actually, a special feature is given in the memory card installed in the camera, about which we are going to tell you today.

what happens different

Let us tell you that the card installed in the camera is about 3 times bigger in size than the memory card of the smartphone. Not only this, a special button is also given in it, knowing the work of which you will be surprised. Users can use this button in the best possible way and can use it for a specific purpose.

What is the use of this special button

On the left side of the camera card, you get to see a small button, this button is of a different color so that users can easily see it. By turning this button on and off, you can take a special job with it. You might not even know about it before today, but when you know its work, you will be surprised.

Users can move this button upwards or downwards so that it can be turned on or off. Actually, if you turn it off, it will neither give any storage access during recording nor can you view any kind of documents as long as it is inserted. It is used for safety. If it falls and someone wants to use it, they will not be able to see the files in it or store anything in it until they unlock it.

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