This small hole present under the smartphone is very important, know why it is used

Audio Quality in Smartphone

Every smartphone is made in the best way and it is tried that the users get the best experience while using the smartphone, so companies include some unique features. Although users are aware of most of the features of the smartphone, but today we are going to tell you about a feature that users hardly know about but its work is so wonderful that you get the best calling experience. Is. Actually there is a small hole at the bottom of every smartphone. Most people consider this hole to be a part of the design, but the reality is different and we are going to tell you about it today.

After all, what is the use of this small hole?

If you did not know about this small hole till now, then now we are going to tell you about its specialty. Actually it is a noise cancellation microphone which is very useful during calling. If there is noise in the back while you are talking on the call, then this noise cancellation microphone makes sure that the noise does not reach the person talking on the call. The person talking on the call can only hear the voice of the person who is holding the phone and is talking. The noise cancellation microphone completely blocks out the noise coming from behind.

What if this hole is not there?

If the noise cancellation microphone is not provided in the smartphone, then you cannot make calls in noisy or crowded areas. If you make a call to such places, then the person on the other side of the call will not hear your voice but will only hear noise. In such a situation, now you must have come to know that in reality this small looking hole is of great use.

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