Those 5 reasons, due to which the battery of the phone gets bad

Usually, when people have very little information about the battery of the phone, due to which the battery of the phone gets spoiled quickly. At present, fast charging is offered with the phone. But despite this, the battery of the phone has to be charged again and again, so even after forgetting you should not repeat these mistakes. Let us know about this in detail..

wrong phone charging

If you like to charge the phone up to 100 percent often, then this habit becomes the reason for the battery drain at times. At the same time, some users do not leave their phone until the battery goes down to 0 percent. Shouldn’t do that either. Charge the phone up to 90 percent and keep using it until it reaches 30 percent. After that put the phone on charge again.

fake charger

There are many people who charge their phone with any phone charger. They think it is the right thing to do. but it’s not like that. If you charge your phone with a fake charger or another phone charge, then the battery life of your phone may decrease gradually.

Do not put on charging overnight

There is a myth that charging the phone overnight improves battery life. After the phone is charged, it should be removed. Do not leave it on charging overnight. This can damage the battery of the phone. Avoid trickle charging to extend the life of your phone.

Avoid calling while charging

The use of many phones while charging the phone is not considered good. People believe that if the phone is used while charging, then they will run the phone and the battery of the phone will not run out. But this is wrong. When you use your phone while charging, the display, processor, GPU and other apps are used continuously and this can have a long-term impact on the battery life of the phone.

Heating can be the reason for phone failure

If the phone gets hot while charging or while gaming or doing normal work then it is most likely a battery problem. Not only does the battery wear out, but it can swell and even explode. So whenever you charge the phone, keep in mind that the phone does not heat up. Also, take care not to charge the phone in a very cold environment as the phone battery tends to lose its capacity due to low temperatures. Also, do not charge the phone even in very hot temperatures.

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