Truecaller App Unmissable Features for Android

Truecaller is a very popular smartphone app used for spam calling and caller ID identification. Apart from recognizing the basic caller ID, this app has many amazing features that most people do not know about. We will tell you which other features of this app you can use for free and their benefits. Let us tell you that the features that we are going to tell you about are specially for those users who use this app on Android devices.

Filter Spam Messages: In text messages, along with normal messages, all the spam messages come, due to which important messages are missed many times. In such a situation, with the help of ‘Smart SMS Feature’ of Truecaller, you can divide the message into different categories. In this way spam messages can be easily filtered.

Share large files: Like social media apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, you can share photos, videos, documents and other media files with Truecaller. Files up to the size of 100MB can be shared through Truecaller.

First tell the caller the reason: Many times when we call someone, they are not able to pick up the call due to being busy. In such a situation, Truecaller gives you the option that you can tell the other person why the phone is being dialed while calling, so that the phone gets up immediately on urgent calls. The name of this feature is ‘Call Reason Feature’.

Edit the sent message: Many times after sending the message, we notice that some words have been misspelled in the message or something has happened by mistake. In such a situation, Truecaller gives the option to edit the sent message. The message can be edited even when the other person has read the message.

Block Spam Calls: The specialty of Truecaller is that it will instantly identify those calls which are scam or fraud calls, which come from banks etc. In this way, by detecting these calls itself, the app will block them. With the help of this feature, you will be able to stay away from unnecessary market calls and dangerous fraud calls.

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