Want to change the voice of Google Assistant? follow these methods

Virtual assistants like Google Assistant have made the lives of millions of smart device users easier. They enable users to perform multiple tasks with just their voice, from controlling a robotic vacuum cleaner to turning off the lights. can easily do. As far as Google Assistant is concerned, we usually hear Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based smart assistant in a single voice style. But if you are bored of hearing the same voice every day and you want to give a makeover to the voice of Google Assistant, then you can easily do so. Let us know about this.

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice on Your Android Smartphone

First, activate Google Assistant on your Android smartphone by either saying ‘Hey Google’ or by pressing the Google Assistant button on the side of your phone.
Now say ‘Chase your voice’.
After that tap on the Manage Voice Settings button that appears on your smartphone screen.
Now, scroll through the Voice presets to hear each voice. Tap the one you want to use

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice on Your Android Smartphone Using the Google App

First of all open the Google app on your Android smartphone.
Then tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the app.
Now tap on the Settings button.
In this screen select Google Assistant.
Now tap on Assistant Voice & Sounds option in All Settings section.
Then scroll through and tap on the Voice presets to hear each voice you want to use.

How to change the volume of the Google Assistant on your smart display

First open the Google Home app on your Google Assistant powered smart display.
In the top right corner of the display, tap your profile picture.
Then tap on the Assistant Settings option.
Now under the “All Settings” section, tap on the Assistant Voice option.
Scroll through All available voices and tap to select the voice you want to use.

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