WhatsApp is working on bringing profile photos of group participants within group chats, for a future update of the app!

WhatsApp is currently working on many new features. Then we want to tell you about the features that when you chat in WhatsApp group, you will see the profile photo of the group member in your group along with the message profile photo of your group member on your chat box. Currently WhatsApp is working on these features. But no information has been given as to when this will be launched.

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp plans to introduce something that has been requested for a long time: profile photos of group participants! When this feature is rolled out to beta testers, profile photos of other group participants will appear next to all incoming messages in group chats, in a future update of the app. As with React Preview, there is no way to disable this feature as it will always be enabled by default for all group participants and there is no switch for it.

This feature is under development so we don’t know when WhatsApp will release these changes to the public. When there are more details about this feature, we will share it with you in a new article on this website.

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