WhatsApp Now Starts Rolling out New “Unread Chats” Filter

WhatsApp Unread Chats Filter Now Official

WhatsApp’s iOS app and Web version now have a new filter, which will show the unread chats. This option resides next to the search bar at the top. Once the unread messages appear, another option to clear the filter will also appear.

The new filter joins the existing media filters like Photos, GIFs, Links, Videos, Documents, and Audio. We were able to see the new filter on both an iPhone and the web. It is said to be available for Android users too but currently, it isnt there. We expect the new Unread Chats filter to reach Android users gradually.

To view the unread chats, you can simply tap the new Filter icon next to the search bar on iOS and Web. Android users can tap the search bar and then the Unread Chats option for this. This filter will help you find messages you forgot to open and respond to and will further organize the WhatsApp chats.

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