WhatsApp updated these two features

In today’s era, there will be no smartphone user who does not use WhatsApp. People have given so much love to the WhatsApp Messenger application that no other application has been able to stand in front of it to replace it. WhatsApp keeps on giving updates from time to time for the convenience of its users, so that they do not have to face any problem. Recently WhatsApp has updated in two features.

The update of these two features of WhatsApp will make it easier for those who share large files. Apart from this, this update is also going to prove to be very effective for those who run groups on WhatsApp. Let us know that the latest version of WhatsApp has been released on August 15. However, it will be available for beta users as well.

In these features, WhatsApp gave an update

You must be aware that while chatting in WhatsApp, emoji reaction can also be given on the message. Earlier this feature was only in applications like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. But, now in WhatsApp also you can react to the message and that too from the emoji panel of WhatsApp, you can give any emoji reaction.

Group admins will be easy

After the new update of WhatsApp, now group admins can add up to 512 members to their group. Earlier it was limited to 256 members only. In such a situation, those running a big group had to form two or three groups. However, now with the new update, up to 512 members can be added to a group simultaneously.

Eliminate the hassle of large file sharing

In another major update, WhatsApp has increased the size limit for file sharing for its users. After this update, now users can share files up to 2 GB. Earlier it was limited to 16 MB.

Other great features in WhatsApp itself

Let us tell you that there is also a payment feature in WhatsApp, so that you can pay anyone through UPI, provided both the parties have to register for WhatsApp payment.

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