Where does Google find answers to thousands of your questions in just one click

Google is the most popular search engine platform at present. If we have to search anything, then on just one click Google presents thousands of answers in front of you. In such a situation, a question arises in the mind that after all, when millions of people are searching something or the other on Google at a time, then how is Google able to provide accurate answers to thousands of people all over the world. . If you do not know about this, then we are telling you how Google finds the answer to every question you have.

Where does Google find information


Crawling is the first step of searching any question. Simply put, crawling is a continuous process, whereby Google continuously crawls the page and keeps adding it to its index. The process of searching and listing new pages is called Crawling. For this, the Google bot of Web Crawlers is used. Let us know that Google bot is a web crawlers software. The algorithm process of Google bot decides which page to select, which one to show first. Meaning like you have to prepare a notes of the information you need by reading research or other work to collect any information. Well, Google does the same thing with the help of software.

Which pages does Google search for pages?

Google does not charge for crawling any website. But crawling depends on many things, such as the URL of the web page should be accurate and short. For a page to be crawled, it must be on the homepage. Also, the site navigation system of the homepage of your website should be good.


After Google crawling, Google checks the content of the webpage. It is also called rendering. Images and videos are also included in this. Web page search depends on many things like keywords and website. Also, Google does not show copy-paste content in listing. All this information is stored in the Google Index and a large database is created about it. Whenever you create the title of your page, make it short and meaningful.

Serving Result

When you type something on Google, Google provides you with information stored in it. Google ranks the page according to your question. In such a situation, you get accurate answers from Google in a few seconds.

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