Sunday, July 05, 2020


Japanese start-up company has developed a smart face mask that converts sound into text

When the mask is worn by the user, he can convert the voice into text and type the message in the mobile phone. Also can translate Japanese into 8 different languages. The company has dubbed it the ‘Sea Mask’. This smart mask converts speech into text as well as allows the user to make calls. […]

Alexa device will now support music app ‘Sportify’, launched with Amazon Echo

Indian Alexa device users will now get the benefit of Swedish music service ‘Sportify’. The company announced it on Friday. Device users with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa will be able to access ‘Sportify’. Currently the service is launched with the Amazon Echo device. It will support both free and trial versions. How to use Sportify? […]


Now Facebook and Instagram will encourage users to wear masks, alert users frequently

The whole world is suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. Technology has played a huge role in the fight against it. A number of technical factors have helped fight the epidemic, including WHO chatbot in WhatsApp, Google and Microsoft’s Corona’s dedicated website, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot. The series will now help users be wary by issuing frequent […]