2.7 million fake posts removed from Facebook and Instagram

Action was taken against 2.7 million posts on Facebook and Instagram. Meta released its monthly transparency report on Wednesday. Through this report, the company said that in July last, it has largely removed fake and dangerous content from its platforms Facebook and Meta. The company said that 25 million posts on Facebook and 20 lakh posts on Instagram were processed in compliance with the rules related to information technology.

Action taken against which post

Action was taken on 1.73 crore spam content on Facebook. After this, action was taken on 27 lakh posts related to nudity and sexual activities and 23 posts related to violent and graphic content. META itself identified 9.98 lakh content related to dangerous organizations, individuals and terrorism and also took action against 99.8 percent of the identified posts. Meta found most of the content on Instagram against their policies. Most of these were related to suicide and self-injury.

Don’t make these mistakes on Facebook

refrain from threatening

If you threaten someone on Facebook or write inflammatory or wrong type of post targeting someone, then it can cause problems for you.

provocative things

You should never share any inflammatory posts, objectionable photos and videos on Facebook. Such a post which can spread hatred in the society or cause riots. If this happens, your Facebook account may be blocked.

Do not sell banned things

There should not be any sale or purchase of banned items like arms, ammunition, banned drugs, ganja and intoxicants on Facebook. If you do this then your Facebook account may be blocked and you may also face appropriate action.

indecent remarks on girls

If you are a Facebook user, then you do not have to make any indecent remarks about any girl or girls. If you are found doing this, Facebook may block your account.

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