WhatsApp’s payment service is now testing by companies

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A handful of companies have joined a million users in testing the beta version of WhatsApp’s yet-to-be-launched payments system, which is meant for peer-to-peer transactions, two months ago, officials working with the company said.

WhatsApp’s payment service has been in the beta mode since last year. The company didn’t respond to an email seeking comments till press time Friday.

“A handful of enterprises are testing it as well. Payments for enterprises is relatively new. This doesn’t mean it will go live and testing doesn’t mean much, given the lack of regulatory clarity on it, but talks with some companies across sectors on payments have been on,” said one of the sources, refusing to be identified.

“If it does take off, then the companies can’t say ‘we will use WhatsApp messaging to remind customers for payments but ask them to pay through our app’. If it is approved, then they will have to make the payments on WhatsApp, instead of waiting for people to download their apps,” another official said.

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