After downloading the app, giving permissions including call, calendar, camera access can easily hack your phone


The gaming app doesn’t require any of your connect and camera access. Contact permission allows hackers to hack user’s social media account information. Giving camera access permissions allows the app to capture photos and record videos without the user’s permission

After downloading various apps including social media, gaming, the user will lock his access to other permissions like call, calendar, camera access. Giving apps this permission allows hackers to easily hack your personal data. According to a Cyber ​​Security Firm Caspers report, permits granted to apps allow hackers to track all user activity.

Giving the app a permit allows the app owner (owner) to easily access the user’s data and use the data in another firm or location if needed. Apart from this, App Honor can also upload it to its own server. Therefore, according to the tech experts involved in preparing this report, an app should be considered once before granting permission.

The report explains, the gaming app does not require your connect and camera access, and the messenger app does not require your location. Although the Trendy Camera Filters app has nothing to do with the user’s call history, apps do require some permissions that are OK without the user’s understanding.

Apps that ask for permission to view messages in SMS, MMS and smartphone memory can also see the OneType password you have given on your mobile. Hackers can access and sign up for a user’s premium service.

Hackers are very fond of calendar permissions. Hackers can avail themselves of information about the future plans of the user apart from the calendar through permissions such as View, Delete, Modify and Ad Events Calendar.

The app requires camera access permissions to record photos and videos, but if a sensitive app is granted camera access permissions, it can capture photos and record videos without the user’s permission.

Granting access to an app, read, change, ad context in an address book and smartphone registered account can also hurt the user. The app can transfer all information about a user’s contacts to its server and use it remotely. Hackers can also hack social media accounts through this permit.

Giving phone access permissions to the app allows it to view and modify the call history of the app user as well as view the user’s contact number, cellular network data and outgoing call status. This permit allows hackers to harass people in the user’s contact list by calling and diverting their incoming calls to other mobile numbers.

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