Tiktok will delete violent content and dangerous content


Social media company Tiktok has announced the removal of violent content. The company will remove videos showing violence on religious, national, individual or other groups on its platform.

The Ticketalk app is already eyeing the government for its content. The company has faced opposition due to many videos. In this regard, Tiktok also made several stringent rules. More than 6 million videos of users who did not comply with this rule have been deleted.

“We are ready to give TickTalk users a safe and positive environment for them to showcase their talent and creativity,” said Sachin Sharma, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Ticketalk India. Content that does not violate Community Guidelines. According to Bytance, Ticketalk’s Honor Company, the Ticketalk app has been downloaded 20 million times in India and the traffic on the app is increasing with the addition of new users to the app.

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