Corona Virus

Microsoft Company Launches Website Tracking Corona Virus


From the website, the user will provide information including statistics on worldwide cases of corona virus infection, use of the World Health Organization Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics on the website, as well as information on when the user was last updated on the website.

COVID 19 means that the corona virus has spread its legs in many countries, including China, Italy, India. Amid fears of eros, US multi-national technology company has launched a website for tracking the virus. From the website, the user can find a number of information, including how many cases there are in the country, including cases infected with the corona virus.

Corona Virus
Corona Virus Tracking

Information on active cases, recovery cases and fatal cases from around the world can be found on this website. Also, the user can click on a country to get information about the active case, recovery case and fatal case of that country. Also watch news and videos related to the Corona virus.

The company is using data from the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) for this website. According to the website at 6:30 pm on Monday evening, there were 88,744 cases of Corona virus worldwide and 77,789 of them were recovered. The user will also be able to find out when the last update was made on the website.

Google is still working on building the Corona virus website. A team of 1700 engineers is working for it.

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