Facebook will warn you from a pop up window before sharing a 3 month old news article


A new feature is going to be added to Facebook. If a user shares a 3 month old news article, a pop up window will appear to warn them first. It will tell the user that this article is 90 days old and he really wants to share it? It will have a Continue and Go Back option. Facebook has announced this new feature to suppress fake news and prevent misunderstandings among the people.

The old news is misleading: Facebook
According to Facebook, the old news is misleading. People read the news, but do not see the timeline. Setting this limit will allow people to decide which articles to read, which articles to rely on, and which articles to share.

The company’s decision to crack down on fake news

Facebook has announced the launch of this feature with a special coronavirus in mind. So in these difficult times, people should stay away from fake news as much as possible and get new as well as accurate information. However, no information has been given about its launch. A similar feature has been announced by Twitter. In it, Twitter will ask the user to read the link before the link to make sure that the user has read the news link on Twitter by opening the shared link. However any news link can then be shared.

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