Google will no longer store user data, search history after 18 months and YouTube history after 36 months will be automatically deleted


Google has changed its data history policy. Google Server will now automatically delete a lot of information, including which websites users have visited, which websites they have searched, app activity and its location, after 18 months. In addition, YouTube history such as how many minutes a user has watched all the information will be automatically deleted after 36 months.

However this change will only apply to the new account at present. Older account holders may be given other settings. Many tech companies have been accused of collecting data and trading it. Now, it would not be surprising if Google’s announcement of this new policy would set a new precedent for other companies.

Google is in controversy for its history data collection

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Department of Justice is set to discuss this weekend to punish Google for its anti-competitive behavior. Google has been accused of misusing online search data.
A German court on Tuesday banned local user data collection on Facebook. The company is believed to be abusing its position.

Started in the year 2019 with auto-delete control
Google introduced auto delete control in May 2019 to force users to make regular changes to the data collected by the company, but at the time this became an opt-in option. This means that users’ permission is required to store data. The American technology company uses the collected data for advertising and other purposes.

YouTube records will no longer be kept

“We know that data helps improve our product, but it’s a company policy to keep data to a minimum,” said David Monsey, Google’s product manager. Now Google will not keep data indefinitely.
Google said it wanted to keep YouTube records longer than Internet activity because it would help users make suggestions and other tasks. It requires a long search history.
The automatic data deletion feature will not delete photos, Gmail and the data in its drive because it is not used by the company for personal purposes, David said.
The company justified its decision by saying that the rules would not apply to existing accounts. All users can select the auto wipe period up to 3 months. However, this means that the change will affect very few people.

Guided tips will also be given to long time users

Long time users will be affected in other ways, however, they will also be given new ‘guided tips’. For example, if someone uses Google search to find out if their account is secure, a box will show them the settings and how to adjust them.
For example, if a user shares the location of their handset with a friend, they will be reminded later that the permission is still active and will be asked if they want to turn it off.

We simplified incognito mode-Google
Google said it has simplified incognito mode (a setting that does not collect data) in its app. This mode allows users to search by hiding their information.

Many people are concerned about Google’s data collection
According to Jim Killock, executive director of Open Rights Group, many people are concerned about their information stored in Google. That means people can ignore a lot of things. Google should ensure that everyone gives a clear indication of whether they want their information to be deleted instead of collecting their history, which they have read halfway through.

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