Japanese start-up company has developed a smart face mask that converts sound into text


When the mask is worn by the user, he can convert the voice into text and type the message in the mobile phone. Also can translate Japanese into 8 different languages. The company has dubbed it the ‘Sea Mask’.

This smart mask converts speech into text as well as allows the user to make calls. The mask also amplifies the user’s voice so that the user can clearly hear the user’s surroundings. The mask connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. This mask has to be worn just like a normal mask and it fits on the face just like a normal mask.

At the time of the epidemic the search was on for how to save the company
The company was looking for a product that could save the company from this epidemic. The company’s engineers came up with the idea of ​​making this type of smart mask. According to Onoka, chief executive of Donut Robotics, the company worked hard for many years to make this mask and used the technology in real time.

A mask costs around Rs 3,000

The company aims to sell 5,000 C masks in Japan in September. The company has also indicated readiness to send it abroad.
A C-mask costs $ 40, or about 3,000 rupees. The company’s revenue will be generated through the app downloaded by the users.

Prepared a prototype within a month
The company has prepared a prototype within a month to make this smart mask. It has adopted translation software, which converts sound into text by mapping facial muscles. The technology was developed 4 years ago by Shunsuke Fujibashi, an engineer with the company, for a student project.

Raised Rs 1.98 crore through crowdfunding
The company has raised about Rs 1.98 crore to make masks by selling shares through Japanese crowdfunding site Fundino.

Source : Click Hear

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