More than 500 million users downloaded WhatsApp, becoming the second non-Google app to get the most downloads

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has crossed 500 million downloads. According to a report by the tech website Android Police, the figures include Play Store downloads and statistics for pre-installed WhatsApp on a number of smartphones, including Samsung Huawei. According to Statista’s report WhatsApp has become the most popular app in the world. WhatsApp has over […]

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Romania research firm reports on 17 apps including barcode scanner on Google Play store

Romania has come out with news that alerts users who install and use the Game As app without having to understand it from the Google Play Store. According to research by Romania-based anti-virus software and security firm Bitdefender (Bitdefender), 17 apps operating on the Google Play store are rapidly discharging the battery. These apps are […]

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Tiktok will delete violent content and dangerous content

Social media company Tiktok has announced the removal of violent content. The company will remove videos showing violence on religious, national, individual or other groups on its platform. The Ticketalk app is already eyeing the government for its content. The company has faced opposition due to many videos. In this regard, Tiktok also made several […]

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Alert! You can get in trouble if you click on the fax message in WhatsApp

Clicking on the link opens the original looking Facebook website. Opening the link may increase the risk of phone hacking. Which appear in several ads. Cheating users by sending fake message of offer on WhatsApp fake message new year virus. By pretending to be a New Year, hackers hunt down users by attacking the ‘New […]

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‘TikTok’ releases its first transparency report, number one in India country content removal request

99 requests from India were found for use of user content and 11 request content was removed. The company received a total of 74 requests from the United States. The report includes data from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019 Video sharing social networking site TikTok (TickTalk) has released its Transparency Report for the […]

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After downloading the app, giving permissions including call, calendar, camera access can easily hack your phone

The gaming app doesn’t require any of your connect and camera access. Contact permission allows hackers to hack user’s social media account information. Giving camera access permissions allows the app to capture photos and record videos without the user’s permission After downloading various apps including social media, gaming, the user will lock his access to […]

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Instagram Now Fact Checks Stories, Blurs out Fake News

Since this is an expansion of Instagram’s fact checking on posts, it works pretty much the same way as it does for regular posts. The company is using third-party fact checkers to go through stories that it thinks might contain fake information; these fact-checkers verify the credibility of the story, and decide whether the story […]

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Hacker Breaks into Prison Cameras and Live-Streams on YouTube

A YouTube channel named “BigBrother’s Gaze” reportedly live-streamed surveillance footage of Thailand prison. The incident took place earlier this week right before Christmas and was spotted by a reporter who then alerted the government officials. The live-stream showed the activities of prisoners from different security cameras. Authorities at Thailand’s Department of Corrections confirmed that the […]

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