Amazon’s New Feature ‘Alexa for Apps’ Any App Using Voice Commands


Amazon’s Alexa is already competent enough but here is Amazon’s new feature which took their Voice Assistant game a notch higher. You can now get access to a third-party app and control it using their new voice command feature which the company is calling “Alexa for apps”.

With Alexa for Apps, iPhone and Android users can make requests using the Alexa app, Alexa built-in phones, or Alexa accessories like Echo Buds and interact directly with mobile apps similar to Siri or Google Assistant.

On iPhones and Android phones, Alexa would serve as an alternative to the voice assistants built into the smartphones by default, and Amazon envisions the feature being used for voice searches and activating app functionality.

For example, an ?iPhone? user might ask Alexa to open Twitter and search for a specific hashtag. The skill will open up the Twitter app on the ?iPhone? and then display a list of results that can be scrolled through rather than a voice response. Or, in TikTok, a user might ask Alexa to start a recording, which would then allow for hands-free video capture.

The company is launching it in preview form, as of now, which means they will be starting out with certain developers to get a better idea of the various uses of this feature. The developers will be then able to integrate the program into their apps to control specific features using voice commands.

How Will It Work?

This means that now Alexa will no longer read out the results aloud, instead, it will launch the app, search as per your command, and show the results on your smartphone screen. So now, users can just ask Alexa to open Twitter and search for a certain hashtag and it will do just that. They can even start a hands-free video recording on TikTok by just using their voice, although it is pretty much useless for us Indians. There’s a video on YouTube demoing the feature which you can check it out below.

Alexa for Apps can be implemented into any app that can be opened with deep links, and Amazon says that the feature is being added to experiences for TikTok, Yellow Pages, Uber, Sonic, Zynga, Volley, and more.

According to Amazon, Alexa for Apps works in mobile apps with content that can be opened through deep links, and it can be utilized by adding Alexa for Apps to a custom skill, but developers will need to apply to the program to add the feature to their apps.

Source : Click Hear