Android users will get end to end encryption feature in Google Messages


Google’s messaging app is now going to get end to end encryption. That is, it will be very beneficial for Android users. Google’s message app can be downloaded from Play Store.

Google stock is the default in smartphones running on stock Android. Due to the end to end encryption in the Google message, no one can read the third message, even if it is a law information agency.

After end to end encryption in Google message, Google too cannot read the messages of the users. The product lead of Google has told about this feature.

According to Google Product Lead, end to end encryption will ensure that no third person, including Google, can read you the conversation between the phone and someone else.

It is worth noting that Google Google has been upgrading SMS to Rich Communication Service ie RCS for some time. Under this, sending images and videos will be made easier.

End to end encryption is also provided in instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. In such a situation, many times governments have been demanding that due to this encryption, it is difficult to track the bad actors. Currently they are in beta phase and soon all Android users will be given this update.

The Google Message app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is already installed in many Android smartphones, but in some you will have to install it yourself.