Facebook Starts Dark Mode For Android and iOS Users


Facebook has finally started rolling out dark mode feature for its Android and iOS users on the main app.

The dark mode in the app will allow users to switch to a black background which is not only better for battery consumption, but also helps in reducing strain on the users eyes. However, the Facebook team is yet to announce about the feature’s roll out officially. People will start to see the option in their Facebook app settings as we roll it out globally.

And, now that Facebook has started rolling out the feature, here are the steps you need to follow to get the new dark mode on your Facebook app.

  • Firstly, in order to get the dark mode, you have to make sure you have the latest updated version of the Facebook app installed from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once you finish updating the app, go to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section on your Facebook app.
  • Scroll down the settings menu to find the dark mode option just below the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ and above the ‘Language’ option.