Google Maps

Find your parked bike or car using Google Maps


When we go to fairs or big shopping malls, theaters, forget about where our car or bike is, stop worrying about it now Google Maps will remember in your phone where you parked your car or bike All you have to do is ask Google “where is my car” and Google will help you get to your car or bike.

Google Maps will remember the parking space as well as navigate to that location. Google Maps allows users to pin the location of their car parking. You can then easily ask Google Assistant to find your car or start navigation by tapping directly on the PIN.

Things you need

  • Be the latest version of the Google App and Google Maps,
  • The smartphone runs on Android Marshmallow or above.
  • Location services are on.
  • Google Assistant has been given all the necessary permissions.

Save the parking location

First you need to save the parking location. For this, after parking the car, open Google Maps in your phone. Then click Existing Location. You will see this on the map with a blue pin.

As soon as you tap it, three options will appear. From there select Save Your Parking option. Here you can also add many information like parking number and photo.

Alternatively, you can ask Google Assistant directly to remember your parking location. For this you need to ‘remember where I have parked’.

Navigate to parking location

Open Google Maps and tap on Saved Parking Card. Then tap the direction button and then tap the start button to turn on the navigation.

Also you can directly ask Google Assistant – ‘Where is my car’ and it will show you the location of the car parking.