Google will send you notification of every email even on desktop, you just have to change this setting

How to On Notification in Gmail For Desktop

Whether it is personal work or professional work, platforms like Gmail and WhatsApp have become necessary for both in today’s time. You login to WhatsApp on your computer or laptop while at work. On WhatsApp, you get every notification on mobile as well as desktop, but in Gmail you miss it. Many times, due to being busy with work, you are not able to know the important messages received on Gmail. Today we will tell you a trick by which you can activate this feature on the computer and get notification of every incoming mail just like on the phone.

That’s why it is important to keep this setting on

You must have noticed that when you work in the office or at home, there are many tabs open on your computer or laptop screen. You’re not always on the Gmail tab. Suppose you are doing some work on the tab of excel sheet. The work is going to take a little longer, but in the meantime a mail arrives on your Gmail, which has to be replied immediately, but you do not know about the arrival of the mail and you are not able to reply on time. You can solve this problem by turning on the notification setting. With this, a message will blink when a new email arrives in front of you, in which the name of the sender will also be written.

turn on setting like this

Above we have told you in detail about the benefits of this feature. Now we are telling how to turn it on.

First of all, login to your Gmail account on computer or laptop.

Now you will get an icon of setting on the top right side. You have to click on it.

Here the first option will be of See All Settings, you now click on it. On clicking, a new page will open in which many options will be available.

Scroll down and look for Desktop notifications option.

When this option is found, you will get the option of Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail in blue color in front of it. Click on this.

Now you will have the option of Notification Allowed near the address bar. You have to allow it. Now desktop notification will be activated on your system.

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