How does Truecaller tell the name of the caller even before the call is received?


Millions of smartphone users in India use Truecaller. The most important thing about this app is that even before the call is made, it is known who is calling us. Even before the call comes, the app tells that the person of whose name the call is coming. This app helps in not attending spam calls. This is the thing that surprises people. The question arises in people’s mind that how the app alerts before the call is connected. After all, how does the app know who is calling?

How does Caller ID show up first?

Truecaller displays a caller ID alert with ‘Incoming call by’ and the name of the caller.
A few seconds before the call is connected, the notification pops up and then the call starts coming.

Truecaller uses user data

Truecaller explained in a blog post that the Call Alert feature works by sending an alert to the receiver using the caller’s mobile data/Wi-Fi. The post explained that mobile data/Wi-Fi is faster than a regular cellular network, so the notification reaches you first, before the actual call arrives.

This app is being liked and used a lot. The app is also helping the users. The company claims that the app is completely secure. If you want that the name does not reach the person before your call, then it can be disabled by going to the settings. The notification feature will also be activated if both the caller and the receiver have Truecaller.