How to put GIF images in WhatsApp status, know step by step process


Whatsapp Gif Status: Whatsapp status is becoming very popular these days in India. WhatsApp Status is used by users to share their photos and videos with the people of their contacts. But WhatsApp Status is not limited to just photos and videos. Your text posts can also be shared in WhatsApp Status. Also, the status can be made fun by putting GiF image on WhatsApp. Apart from this, messages can also be replied to any contact on WhatsApp through GIF images. Its method is very easy. Let us know about it in detail-

How to set WhatsApp Gif Status

First of all open WhatsApp.
Three options Chats, Status and Call will appear in the top of WhatsApp.
From this, click on the Status option.
Where in the bottom right two other options photo and editing option will appear in the second pacing style.
From this you have to click on the second option.
Here you will get the option to set emoji and GiF.

how to reply with gif

First of all, open the chat bar of the one who wants to reply with Gif.
Then click on the emoji option appearing in the left side of the chat bar.
Where you will get Gif, Sticker and Emoji options.
In this way you can reply through Gif image from here.