How to Use Animated Background in Telegram

Telegram constantly challenges other messaging apps like WhatsApp by adding new features to its messaging app. Telegram also offers features like animated backgrounds and gradient wallpapers in the app to improve the user interface. It runs like an animation in the background.

Apart from this, the company also allows users to create custom animated backgrounds. Users can also share these custom animated backgrounds with their friends and family through the app.

After enabling the animated chat background in Telegram, it keeps changing with each message. If you are unaware of this feature then today we are going to tell you how to use animated background in Telegram app.

How to Use Animated Background in Telegram

• First of all open Telegram app on your smartphone.
• Then touch or tap on the three lines on the left side.
• After this go to the option of Settings.
• Then go to Chat Settings.
• Now tap on Change Chat background.
• Select any wallpaper of your choice here.
• After this tap on the option of Set background.

also note

In this feature of Telegram, only Gradient Wallpapers support animation.
The animation feature may not work with all Telegram wallpapers. Users can know this better in the wallpaper background.
Those who do not support animation in the wallpaper app, they will get 2 options named blurred and motion on the screen at the time of preview.
At the same time, if users see color and pattern options in the preview, then it becomes clear that the wallpaper supports the animation feature. In this way users can set animated background with the help of preview.

Now you can try this feature of Telegram by using it in the given way.

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