Instagram Features: Along with having fun on Instagram, you will also earn


How to Earn Money on Instagram: It has been almost 3 years since Tiktok was banned in India. After the ban of this short video platform, many of you came to the Indian market. Instagram also joined this race. She launched her short video platform InstaReels. The popularity of Insta reels is increasing continuously. This is the reason why the company is also focusing more on it now. A large number of people watch reels, but today we will tell something for your benefit apart from watching. Actually, you can earn money in different ways on InstaReels. Let’s know all those ways.

This option is better for those with less followers

If you also want to earn money on this platform, then remove from your mind that you will get money only if you have more followers. This is not right. If you want to have less followers, you can also earn by selecting the right promotion model. You can also sell your product here.

earn money by becoming an influencer

Nowadays people are earning a lot of money even by becoming an influencer. Influencers are in great demand for social media. However, here you will be eligible only when you have 5000 or more followers. You can also increase followers through marketing. Once your followers are above 5 thousand then you will start earning money by becoming an influencer.

Affiliate links can be promoted

You can also easily earn good money sitting at home by promoting affiliate links on Instagram. However, you will be eligible for this only if the customer has purchased certain goods or subscriptions by clicking on the link shared by you. Because, Instagram does not give the option to share the link anywhere other than the bio, so you have to be a little smart. Click on bio is very less. You have to share your promo code in post or story to redeem these links.

Marketing the product

Another popular way to earn money on Instagram is through product marketing. If you want, you can take money in exchange for marketing any goods or institutions. For this to work, you must first create a page on Instagram. After that you will be able to start this work.