Instagram users can now repost

Instagram users could not re-post or share any Instagram post till now. But there is no such problem on Facebook and Twitter. Both the platforms allow users to share anyone’s post. But now Instagram users will be able to re-post anyone’s post easily.

Instagram users can now repost

Users on Instagram can now get this facility soon. According to media reports, Instagram is soon going to bring this new feature to some of its users. Through this, users will be able to re-post anyone’s post. This feature was being discussed but now Meta has also confirmed it.

According to the report, the company is going to test this new feature with some users soon. After the launch of this feature, users will be able to reshare anyone’s post. Currently, users on Instagram can easily reshare any user’s Instagram story. But this feature was not yet available for feeds or posts. Now the new re-post feature will also work in a similar way, through which users will be able to easily share someone’s post.

According to the report, a new option for Instagram users to repost a post is also visible in the profile. Which shows that the company is working fast on this new feature and can launch it soon.

However, we also tell you how you can share Instagram posts until this feature is launched. For this, at present, users have to take a screenshot of a post or download any third party app from Play Store and App Store.

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