Know how many times the Gmail App has been downloaded and know which are the top 3 Apps?


Often many of us use Gmail for e-mail. But now this mailing service of Google has set a new record. The number of downloads of Gmail’s Android app on the Google Play Store has reached 10 billion. It is clear that there are crores of people in the world who come to Gmail to mail.

Gmail App is 10 billion downloads

With this record, Gmail has joined the list of selected apps that have been downloaded the most times on the Play Store. However, there are three more apps that have been downloaded 10 billion times on the Play Store. These include Google Play Services, YouTube and Google Maps.

The special thing is that all the four apps that have been downloaded 10 billion times have been prepared by Google itself. Among these, YouTube and Gmail are considered to be quite popular apps. It is also considered necessary to have a Gmail ID for the use of Android phones, otherwise you will not be able to access the Play Store.

The company made many changes in the app

Gmail has also introduced the feature to return the sent mail in recent times. In this, if you have sent any mail, then you can undo it within 30 seconds. Earlier only 5 seconds would be given to take back the mail. Apart from this, changes have also been made by the company regarding inbox and spam folder.

The company constantly keeps on making changes according to the users so that people stay connected to this app and more and more people have access to Gmail. For all these reasons, Gmail has remained such a popular app till now.