Know the secret features of Google Maps, which will make your journey easy


Usually Google Map is used to know the correct route selection during driving. But do you know that Google Map is not limited to just searching the way. In the last few years, some great features have been added to Google Maps, which will not only make your journey but also your life easier.

Google Maps travel schedule

You can create a travel schedule on Google Maps. Usually people save their travel schedule on official or personal email. But let us tell you that you can chart your travel on Google Map. Google Maps shows holiday flight bookings, hotel, car rental and restaurant reservations in one click.

How to Create Travel Schedule

Go to Google Maps, tap on Saved option in the bottom menu.
As soon as you click on Reservation, you will get a list of all your upcoming reservations. This list comes from your Gmail to Google Map.
With this you will know the date and location of your reservation.
You can also search ‘My Reservation’ by going to the direct Google Maps search box.

How to Book a Dinner Table

You can book dinner tables through Google Maps.
For this go to Google Maps
By tapping on the Restaurants option, you will get a list of nearby places.
Then you can select the restaurant according to your choice.
After this, payment can also be done with the help of Google Pay.

transport station directory

Google Maps provides the facility to create directory pages for airports, malls and transport stations. With this, you will be able to search the place to eat around you and the nearest place to buy goods before the flight. Not only this, this feature will also tell on which floor the shop is located.