Microsoft x box games

Microsoft launches games show case on gaming console ‘Xbox Series X’


Microsoft has unveiled games to be found in its next generation gaming console ‘Xbox Series X’. This list includes the most awaited game ‘Hello Infinity’. The company claims that these games are the biggest and most ambitious game ever. This is a fight based game.

“We are sure that our fans will love this game,” said Chris Lee, Head of Hello Infinity Studios. This game is a good entry for new gamers. ‘The game uses processing power to render high resolution graphics.

Hello Neighbor 2

hello neighbor 2

This game is the next series of popular horror games. In this game the user will have to reveal a secret in the basement of his neighbor. In it the user has to try to find his neighbor who is missing. The game will be launched in the year 2021.

State of Dec 3

state of dick 3

This game is the next game of the Zombie Survival franchise. In the year 2018, Microsoft took over the studio that created the game ‘State of Dick’. In the trailer of the 2018 sequel, a woman is seen hunting a zombie mouse.

Forza Motorsport


This is a magical world, with different types of animals. The company has a trailer show case for this game. The game could launch next year.

Tell me y

Tell me y

This game is based on story based twins kids. The past can be seen in the game. Its ending can be changed depending on the options chosen by the gamers. The game will be launched on August 27.

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