New feature in WhatsApp, now it will be easier to clear storage and manage files


This new storage management tool will make it easy for users in WhatsApp to identify which files are taking up more space and will also be able to manage files according to the user size. Along with this, there will also be an option to preview the selected files before deleting them.

This new WhatsApp feature will be available under the ‘Manage Storage’ option under ‘Storage and Data’. Also, there will be a new storage bar in the top here. Here will be highlighted how much space WhatsApp has taken, how much space apps and other items have taken and how much space is left. Apart from this, WhatsApp will also alert you when the storage is full and ask you to free up space.

WhatsApp will show videos and photos forwarded many times. So that you can review and delete it. There will also be a section which will show large files. For example, it will list files that are larger than 5MB. Just below these two, you will see arranged chats according to the large media files.

It is very difficult to manage storage in WhatsApp due to all group chats and forwarded messages. In such a situation, it is expected that the new feature will make it easier to spot and delete the unnecessary files. This will help to free up space.