No more headphones, new music will reach brain directly from brainchip, also relieve depression: Alan Musk


If the Neurolink Brain Implant technique of Alan Musk, CEO of Tesla, one of the world’s most famous companies, succeeds, then things like headphones will disappear from the world. Alan Musk is funding a project. Whose name is- Neurolink. One such computer is being built under this project. Which is exactly one small chip. It will be implanted in the human brain.

During a Twitter conversation with Austin Howard, a well-known computer scientist, Musk claimed that the device, developed by the company, would transmit music directly to the brain. This device will also be helpful in getting rid of any kind of addiction and depression. This one-inch chip can be surgically implanted. It is expected to be launched at a company ceremony on August 28. Alan Musk launched a project called Neurolink in 2016. Fine and flexible threads are designed under this. Which is 10 times thinner than human hair and can be implanted directly into the brain. This chip passes through a thousand microscopic threads.

Musk claims that with the help of this brain computer interface technology, many types of neurological diseases can be easily treated. At the same time, this device will be a boon for the treatment of paralysis and spinal cord injuries.

Asked if Twitter user Pranay Pathol would be able to revive the part of the brain that is responsible for causing any kind of addiction or depression, Musk said: “Yes, of course.” At the same time, this technique can be used to improve the lives of people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The company is in the final stages of human testing after successful testing on monkeys and mice.

The chip will connect behind the ear, the information can be taken on the smartphone
Neurolink technology is related to implanting electrodes in the human brain through ultrathin threads. It will be connected through a chip and thread into the skin of a man’s brain. This chip will be linked via a removable port. Which can be fitted behind the ear and connected to another wireless device. Through it, the information inside the brain will come directly to the smartphone or computer.

source: Click Hear