PUBG Mobile Prime, Prime Plus Subscriptions Go Live


PUBG Mobile has started the rollout of the Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions in the game. The Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions give the buyer daily Unknown Cash (UC), Battle Points (BP), discounts on crates, ability to purchase outfits and weapon skins with BP, daily RP points and some more perks. The Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions are live on both, Android and iOS devices in India

The PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscription price for Android is Rs. 85 and Rs. 400 per month respectively, with Prime Plus available for Rs. 850 after the first month. On iOS, however, it’s Rs. 79 for Prime and Rs. 419 for Prime Plus per month, with Prime Plus being Rs. 799 after that. This subscription offers 20 UC daily for a total of 600 UC, the ability to purchase items with BP (including permanent), 10 RP points per day to be earned, daily discounts on different items, 50% discount on the first classic crate lottery daily, and immediate rewards including 300 UC and more.

The PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update is now available in beta with a range of new modes. These range from a new mode called Darkest Night to a companion system that lets you take companions into battle to earn cosmetic items. Most of the improvements have been made in the zombie mode department for now. Zombies will now be smarter, i.e. they can now climb walls and low roofs and also jump as well. And you will also have to watch out for zombie dogs. You can check out the update on Android and iOS right now.

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