See many new features in Telegram


There are a lot of new updates in the Telegram messaging app now that a lot of people have joined the social media. Some updates related to search filters, comments, emoji and admin have been released in this messenger, which are as follows.

Search filters:

With the help of telegram search filters, users can easily search for a specific message. The app has 6 different tabs for chats, media, links, files, music and voice messages. Through these, the message will be kept separate on the basis of time, person, group and channel. This will allow users to access important messages sent or received in the past by these filters.

Channel Comments:

Users will now be able to comment on a channel’s posts. It used to be one-way only. However, these will only be allowed on channels that are linked to your discussion groups. Comments can also be sent via voice messages, stickers and GIFs. On the other hand, the admin will have the power to block any comment to maintain the dignity of the group.

Anonymous admins:

With the help of this feature, admins of any groups will have the freedom to remain anonymous by hiding their identity. On the other hand, any message sent by the admin will only appear in the name of the group. This feature is already applicable for telegram channels and is now also available for groups.


New animation pop-ups have also been introduced for Android users. In this case, interactive animations will be seen while deleting messages, saving media and changing notifications.

Profile picture:

Profile pictures can now be easily viewed by simply pressing and holding any display photo in group chat.