Telegram has added a feature including multiple accounts


The company has added new features to Telegram. The company has launched features including multiple login, video profile to make the app more user friendly and keeping in view the ongoing work from home trend due to Corona.

Video can be attached instead of profile picture
In a new update the company has launched a video profile feature. This means that users will be able to attach a video instead of a photo to their DP or display picture. However, this video will only appear when a user’s profile is opened by another user. The user will also be able to use different video profiles for different chats.

Up to 2 GB of data can be transferred

The company has increased the data transfer limit in view of the current work-from-work trend. Users can now transfer any type of 2 GB of data.

Multiple account feature on desktop

The company is now offering multiple accounts in the desktop version as well as the mobile app. The company has also launched a feature for the group. Now the admin can see the activities of the group using graphs. The admin will be able to know the information including the number and length of the message.