The Google Meet app will be free


The app will allow 100 members to make up to 60 minutes of free video calling, a 30-fold increase in usage since the launch of the Google Meet app in January.

The use of video conferencing app is increasing due to the trend from work to home due to lockdown worldwide. Google is going to launch a free service of its video conferencing app Google Meet app to counter the sudden popularity of the Zoom app. It will be released soon, according to the company. This was previously the premium paid version available. Like the Zoom app, 100 members will be able to make video calling in Google Meet.

The Google Meet app is secure

According to Smita Hamish, Product Management Director, Google Cloud, the Google Meet app will be free for all users. In the app, 100 members will be able to make free video calling for 60 minutes. The Google Meet app is secure and reliable.

The company will also change the layout of the app

According to the company, some essential services of the app will be made free. The layout of the app will also be changed in the near future.

3 crore new users install the app every day

The Google Meet app was launched in January. So far its use has increased 30 times. Every day 3 crore new users are installing the app. The number of daily users of the app has crossed 100 million.

Advanced feature can be used for free

From May, any user will be able to sign up for the app from an email address. The benefits that Google Business and Education Account users have received so far are now available to all users. It includes many features including schedule, screen sharing, real time captions.

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