Use Free Railway Wifi Internet and enjoy gaming with high-speed video streaming

Free Railway Wifi: If you are going to travel by train somewhere and your train is late for several hours, then obviously you will get upset at the railway station. Many times it is also seen that your internet does not work at the railway station. Despite this, you can still have fun while waiting for the train and for this you can use free internet. Not only this, along with downloading at tremendous speed, you can enjoy online gaming or online shopping. If you are wondering how this can be done, then let us tell you that free internet access is given to you at every railway station. You can use it but most people do not know about it. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the process of using it in detail.

How to Use Google RailWire Free WiFi at Railway Stations

  1. For this you have to first open the WiFi setting on your smartphone
  2. Now you have to find the network
  3. After this you have to choose RailWire network
  4. Now you open webpage on mobile browser
    5.Here you have to enter your 10 digit mobile number
  5. Now OTP will be sent to your number
    7.Use this OTP as password to connect RailWire
  6. Railwire will now be connected easily and you can run free internet

The main purpose of telling you this process is that everyone can use the internet at the railway station. Actually, due to the network going away, most of the people at the railway station are unable to run the internet properly. Keeping in mind that such a problem does not happen with you, we have brought these steps for you, which will be easily understood by you, as well as you can use the internet without any interruption.

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