What is OK Google and how does it work? Learn everything in easy language


Ok Google: In today’s era, technology has progressed so much that now you can get any work done on the basis of your voice. In view of this, when tools like Alexa were launched, Google has also started its Assistant service. Its called Google Assistant and it works by saying OK Google. In this report, we are giving you information about everything about OK Google.

What is ok google?

The OK Google search engine is Google’s personal assistant service. You can also do many things without touching your Android mobile phone by just saying OK Google. These include calling someone, composing a message, setting an alarm and opening an app, etc. To use Google Assistant, you have to find the Google app on your phone. If you do not have such an app, then download the Google app from the Google Play Store.

How to set up OK Google

Now open the Google app and go to the top left and click on the menu icon and select Voice. Here you will find OK Google Detection, after clicking on which you will have to turn on the option present in front of From the Google app and From any screen. Here you have to say OK Google three times so that it can recognize your voice. After this setting is complete, you can easily get many things done from your mobile phone by saying OK Google.

How will Google Assistant work?

With the help of Google Assistant, your work can become a lot easier. You can call someone by giving voice. You can send your message through voice only. Can set alarm. Apart from this, reminders can also be set. Also, from adding events to the calendar, you can also get information about your upcoming bill. At the same time, you can also get accurate information about weather updates, time of other countries, movies or music etc.